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Illinois Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

When you are arrested for a sex crime, it’s more important then ever to hire an experienced and aggressive defense attorney to represent you. In addition to lengthy jail sentences, sex crimes carry additional serious consequences including life-long registry as a sex offender and a damaging social stigma that may never go away. At the Law Offices of Peter M. Tumminaro, we understand the high stakes involved in sex crime cases. We treat every one of our clients with dignity and respect and offer personalized legal counsel designed to obtain the best possible outcome.

Effective Defense Against Sex Crimes Charges

Sex crimes are taken very seriously in Illinois. You can’t afford to plead guilty and expect a slap on the wrist. Your best chance to get past this difficult time is to hire a skilled attorney to fight for you. At the Law Offices of Peter M. Tumminaro, we offer aggressive representation for all of our clients. Our firm handles a wide range of sex crime charges including:

  • Rape/criminal sexual assault
  • Statutory rape
  • Criminal sexual abuse
  • Child molestation
  • Child pornography
  • Solicitation
  • Prostitution

No matter what the details of your case, you have rights. Prosecutors often rely on false statements or questionable evidence that can be effectively disputed in court. We carefully investigate and assess the evidence every case we defend to look for ways to benefit our client. Attorney Peter M. Tumminaro is a skilled litigator and is not afraid to argue for his clients at trial. A former prosecutor himself, Mr. Tumminaro can anticipate prosecution strategies and effectively combat them.

The earlier we can get started on your defense, the better. If you are suspected of a sex crime (even if charges have not yet been filed), contact us right away to discuss your case. We can represent your interests immediately. We handle cases in DuPage, Cook, Kane, Will, McHenry & Kendall Counties.

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